The Best Pancakes In The World

After a long friday night, my roommate Sandeep and I woke up at 2 pm on the next day and decided that we NEEDED pancakes…We didn’t have a lot of things in our advantage 1.We didn’t want to leave the apartment 2. It was 2 pm were half of the places we knew didn’t serve pancakes anymore. So basically what we wanted was a place in Vancouver delivering pancakes at 2 in the afternoon….yeahhhh good luck with that.

Sandeep discovered this amazing place that you HAVE to visit if you live in Vancouver. “Deacon’s Corner” on Main and Alexander. I’m an extremely picky eater but this cute dinner won me over. 

P.S. an order of pancakes could feed Vancouver’s population, no joke…I couldn’t finish half of the plate, but sure I wish I could ;) yummy


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